Minimizing Wait Times At kid-E-care

One of our priorities at kidEcare is to limit wait times for our patients. As word spreads about our team and services, demand is increasing and as a consequence, so have wait times – it seems that the first 2 hours of clinic are particularly busy. We have noticed, however, that even on the busiest days, there are quiet times when patients are in-and-out in less than 30 minutes.

You may have noticed that this kidEcare web site posts live wait times – you can see it at the upper-right corner of this page just below the logo (If clinic is closed, it will say what day and time clinic will re-open). We believe that by posting this information for patients and families, we can help them to choose the best time (i.e. with shortest wait) to come into clinic.

The next time you visit kidEcare, we encourage you to check the wait time before coming. By choosing a quieter time, it may save you and your family an hour or two of your day.
Of course, if your concern is more urgent and cannot wait, come right away or proceed immediately to your nearest emergency department.

Wishing everyone a sunny, relaxing, and fun-filled summer.

The kidEcare team.

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