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Urgent Care Doctors for Injured and Sick Kids – kid E care

The Urgent Care Clinic at kid E care can diagnose and treat most childhood injuries and illnesses. Use this clinic for urgent but non life-threatening illnesses or injuries. We see children with cuts, fevers, colds, viruses, minor burns, sprains, strains, simple fractures and other illnesses. Your child will be seen by a paediatrician with experience managing urgent care problems.  

Urgent care clinics should not be used to replace the medical care that children receive from their primary care practitioners. If your child has a medical concern, we recommend that you first try to address the issue by scheduling an appointment with his or her primary care provider. If this proves impossible, then kid-E-care is available to help.  

Kid E Care’s goal is to provide exceptional pediatric care with shorter wait times than what patients typically experience at hospital emergency rooms. Our walk-in clinic is located at 25 Industrial Street West. Check out a map here  

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